Code. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Here you can find some of the projects I have been involved in...

  • M-Pesa (Backoffice)

    M-Pesa, the biggest mobile financial service, serving markets in Mozambique, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Lesotho, DRC, and Kenya. The M-Pesa Backoffice project aimed to enhance and optimize the user experience of both customers and agents within the M-Pesa ecosystem. It involved the development of a comprehensive web-based interface that facilitated the management of financial transactions, customer accounts, and agent operations.

  • BladeInsight

    A SaaS platform designed to manage wind turbines inspections through autonomous drones, generate reports and predict damages from photos, through Machine Learning.

  • D-Orbit

    A AURORA cloud-based mission control software suite designed to control a single satellite or a complete constellation through a user-friendly, fully customizable control interface, designed for D-Orbit, a market leader in the space logistics and transportation services industry with a track record of space-proven technologies and successful missions.

  • HATCH Space

    A platform dedicated to space research for Hatch Space, an European Space Research and Innovation organization, designed to make the findings of the European space projects available to a wide group of users, encourage greater collaboration and partnerships between the different agents of the field and generate interest in space exploration.

  • Montepio GA

    A platform designed to manage financial assets for Montepio Bank at Portugal, a specialized entity that manages the financial assets, with a focus on the management of investment funds.

  • GovReunião

    A meeting management platform of ministry of science and technologies of Mozambique. This platform provides a centralized and efficient way for the government officials to organize and manage meetings ensuring that important decisions are made in a timely and effective manner.

  • GovEnsino

    A bespoke SaaS platform to manage Vocational Technical Education Institutions of Mozambique. A product created for Ministry of Science and Technology, and it offers a comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of vocational education. GovEnsino is set to transform the way in which vocational education is managed in Mozambique.